It is indeed a highly competitive global market. Working in a world faced with an increasing shortage of appropriate candidates who provide both skill and cultural parity and employers who are today required to meet the rapid and flexible demands of a perpetually changing workforce, it is unfortunate that there is currently too much reliance placed on technology for a quick recruitment delivery rather than a unique personal experience that is about you. One that is focussed on your real potential. Waterford Recruitment provide a human touch and a unique perspective on recruitment, which promotes you, your potential and brand, inherently focusing on your identity an approach that delivers success.

We believe, by providing a match of three core components “career aspiration, current knowhow and potential skill and cultural or identity parity” has always ensured successful long term employment. Simply it comes down to give and take, where each gain from a positive employment experience. We all want involvement and to feel that ‘I love my work’ emotion, Waterford Recruitment have been providing real futures with exactly that ‘I love my work’ outcome for years.

Since we opened our doors in 2007, a lot has changed in the world, business has been transformed to agile and disruptive solutions. Technology has had a significant impact on transactional behaviour throughout every facet of modern day life, including recruitment. The global recruitment market has gone through a transformation which has shifted the way most recruiters interact and this has had a dramatic effect on the talent market.

Throughout the years Waterford have been in front of change, a quiet industry leader not succumbing to the disruptive demands of transactional technology behaviour that has invaded every interaction. Despite our uptake of IT systems and technical process, our focus on the human touch remains intact. Recruitment is all about people and over the last ten years you have been our business, we will not lose focus of building your career. After all, your success is our success.

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Establishing a brand with a focus on humanity that would make a difference, breaking the status quo of traditional process orientated recruitment solutions that are often employed by agencies.

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