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Waterford Recruitment – Change starts here

Welcome to Waterford Recruitment

Change Starts Here

Executive Head Hunting

How to reach and engage C and D talent is our discipline

ICT Talent Acquistion

Its starts with the 01010 and ends with a PATH to .exe

Finance Recruitment Solutions

We can make sense of finding the dollars


Our sound ethical standards provide a solid foundation for genuine relationships, supporting our motivation of integrity, honesty, trust and equality.

Transparency is essential in our demonstration of ethics and sits as the core ideal of every engagement.

Everyone is a candidate

Skilled candidates are not always looking to change jobs. However, we understand everyone is always interested to learn of a great opportunity.

With what could be considered a commercial war for the best talent, it is our unique ability in discussion to paint a picture filled with avenues of future opportunity that can turn the tide on attracting the best for your business.

It is up to us to create candidates for you, not wait for candidates to find you.


We skilfully build engaged communities of excited and talented people.

Through our reach and market knowledge we uncover hidden opportunities and create positive paths of employment options that promote a rewarding career.

What our clients think

Our mission over time has never changed, to listen and communicate openly with authenticity, integrity and transparency. A real two way conversation with outcomes and direction


Respectfully we engage and understand each candidate and client to offer true guidance and support through current challenges as we prepare for your future career or business needs.

Our interest in learning about you and the finer details is simply a consequence of our natural inquisitive behaviour.


L4, 566 St Kilda Rd
Melbourne VIC 3004